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CMS para hoteles

CMS for Hotels

The current trend indicates that the hotelier must concentrate on getting to know their real and potential clients in depth, anticipating their needs, offering them their products and services and captivating them with extraordinary attention and personalization. This can be achieved by relying on tools such as a CMS.

Diseño de menú digital

The 5 most common mistakes when designing a digital menu

In this article we explore the 5 most common mistakes we've seen in digital menu design. These open the door to a world of interaction, we have much more flexibility than with a printed menu. We can provide a better service to our diner and benefit from their immediate feedback.

Huésped utilizando su teléfono inteligente

The impact of smartphones in hospitality

En este artículo te compartimos el secreto para cumplir con las expectativas de tus clientes, el cual se encuentra en sus sus teléfonos inteligentes.
Hablemos de la Inmediatez, confort y simplicidad, múltiples niveles de interacción, personalización, retroalimentación, interactividad y diseño que podemos lograr mediante su uso.

Huésped utilizando su teléfono inteligente

The Impact of Smart Phones in Hospitality

In this article we share the secret to meet the expectations of your customers, which can be found on their smartphones.
Let’s talk about the immediacy, comfort and simplicity, multiple levels of interaction, personalization, feedback, interactivity and design that we can achieve through its use.